New feature
ene. 31, 2023

Podcast Summarizer

Introducing our¬†AI Podcast Summarizer ūüďĚ.
Get a concise summary, title, description, and key takeaways with ease. Streamline your podcast editing today! ūüöÄ

Activate the Transcribe Audio Function to get the Summary

  • Fixed issue with multi-track not exporting files correctly
  • Fixed some UI bugs with the transcription.
ene. 21, 2023

Upload Stabilty + UI Improvements

Upload Stability

A common issue was that during upload, the app would crash. This happened mainly happened due to network instability or slow internet connections.

We have been struggling to make it work, we think this time it's fixed. Write us in the chat, if it's not the case. All feedback is welcomed!

UI upgrades

We made some improvements in the UI.

  • Transcript Editor now is mobile friendly
  • Now you can export Text (without Speakers)
  • Dedicated Export popup and no visual bugs.

  • Clearer Statistics view

New feature
ene. 12, 2023

Transcription Editor, Speaker Indenfication + More Export options

This month we built a transcription editor

  • ¬†Transcription Editor: Edit and listen the transcription
  • Speaker Identification: Determine the Speaker of every transcript
  • More Export functionality for the transcripts

Activate the Transcription Feature, in order to get this view.

nov. 25, 2022

Optional Music Detector + Better Uploading Reability

Music Detector is an optional feature for now and can be toggle on for us.

We also improved and fixed some bugs with the upload, especially with slower connections.

nov. 22, 2022

Music Detector AI

Our Noise Remover is so good that it removes your music.
But not ideal, if you have an intro song. This is now fixed.

This is currently working well with single track. Multitrack, we are not sure how it should be done. We are open to suggestions!

New feature
nov. 14, 2022

Edit Decision List Support

Edit Decision List Export are here!

Now you can sync your audio edits with your video. Alternatively, allows you to manually edit your podcast with cleanvoice supporting you.

Edit Decision List files are a common cross-application which cuts your video or audio based on defined time codes. It is supported by various of video and audio applications. For example: Adobe Premiere, Reaper, Final Pro Cut, Samplitude, Vegas Pro, Ultraschall.fm and more. 

Just load your EDL file and orginal audio files and start working!

In our EDL files, we mark all the filler words, stutters etc, so you can decide if you want to keep them. Note: Cleanvoice does some extra stuff like adding pauses, crossfading etc. So you won't be able to replicate Cleanvoice Editing style out of the box.

Video Tutorials on how to use them, will come out.

To use them, you can download them under Timestamps. We are still testing it, so we will not send on the Email yet


Please write us on the chat with your experience! 

nov. 09, 2022

Added SRT Support

You can now export your Transcription into Subtitles. Transcription are still a beta feature.

New feature
oct. 25, 2022

Transcription Beta

You can now transcribe your podcast.

Note: this will make editing take 2-3x longer, if this feature is turned on.

After activating this feature, a new button will appear, when the editing is complete. This will provide a text file with the transcription.

Please tell us your experience with this feature.

New feature
oct. 24, 2022

Audio Mastering Beta & More

We added a long requested feature. Audio Mastering

One issue which arises when editing a podcast is the loudness of your podcast. It is very common that one speaker talks louder than the other person, leading to listeners constantly changing the volume while listening.

This new beta feature does the following:

  • Brings your podcast's loudness to the industry standard of -16 LUFS and -1 dBTP
  • Corrects for loudness differences between speakers.¬†
  • Convert to optimal format for podcast distribution (mp3,192khz)

Currently, multitrack isn't really support. We will mix every track individually, but not mix them into one. Furthermore, it doesn't deal with music for now. If you just have only speech, then this feature is useful.

Finally, Noise Removal is out of beta and is now always applied. (can be deactivated when running custom settings)

We also fixed some bugs with the UI. History should show only the uploads in the past 7 days. Since we delete all past uploads in the past, which confused users when download links were not working.

New feature
jul. 27, 2022

Noise Removal Beta

Loud Neighbors? Recording outside? No problem. 

Introducing our AI Background Noise removal. It removes most background noise (traffic, wind, rivers, music which is coming next door and more) and keeps your voice crisp!

Even if there's no noise, natural reverb can still occur when recording in a room. Cleanvoice can remove that as well. (Though if you record in a cave, we can't remove that reverb for now)

Currently it's on Beta, so its deactivated by default. To try it out, go to the configuration step and  select "remove background noise" at the custom settings.

We also have a breath remover algorithm, which we will release soon.