15 days ago

Transcription Improved

We have improved the transcription quality significantly. Especially in German and other European languages.

Also fixed issue where long audio files would crash when transcribing

18 days ago

Download on all Browsers

Depending on your browser (Ex. Firefox), pressing the download button would not always download the file, but rather just open a new tab with the audio player.

From now onwards this should not be an issue.

24 days ago

Fixed Breath Remover and Mute Audio for long files.

  • Cleanvoice would often crash when a lot of breaths were detected, this issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug which would randomly crash the transcriptions.

Coming soon
a month ago

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We are bringing soon major improvements, new features and also video support. stay tuned.

3 months ago

Breath Reducer Improvements

Breath Reducer has been significantly improved.

Distinguishes better between sighs and breathes out.

New feature
3 months ago

Breath Reducer Say goodbye to heavy breaths in your recordings! 💨

Say goodbye to heavy breaths in your recordings! 💨

Check out our video explanation:


Cleanvoice Breath Silencer detects breaths in your speech and mutes them. This feature has a lot of advantages, such as keeping edits more natural. One common thing is that we would remove filler words between two breaths, making the edits unnatural. This feature should fix that.

We distinguish between different breathing patterns such as "sighs" and we're removing only those breaths meant for "breathing", since we don't want to remove breathing related to expressing emotions etc.

As always, you have to manually activate the feature. We also recommend using it together with the background noise remover.

New feature
4 months ago

Mute Edits (Video Mode), custom export filetype and more.

We change the UI a bit in order to accommodate upcoming features

Mute Only (Video Mode)

A requested feature was to mute the edits instead of trimming them. Now you can have your videos on sync with cleanvoice.

Custom Export Filetype

One issue was that cleanvoice wasn't exporting always to the desired file format. Now you can change this. By default (auto) , we will return the same format as you upload. If you upload wav, we return wav. But feel to choose the format you want.

4 months ago

Fixes ⚠️

This week we focuses on fixing issues which some users experienced.

  • Fixed issue related to popping sounds and distortions when using the background noise remover
  • Normalizer & Audio Mixing is less aggressive.
  • Hesitation/Deadair remover is now more precise
  • UI crashing if audio was uploaded via API

New feature
4 months ago

Podcast Summarizer

Introducing our AI Podcast Summarizer 📝.
Get a concise summary, title, description, and key takeaways with ease. Streamline your podcast editing today! 🚀

Activate the Transcribe Audio Function to get the Summary

  • Fixed issue with multi-track not exporting files correctly
  • Fixed some UI bugs with the transcription.
5 months ago

Upload Stabilty + UI Improvements

Upload Stability

A common issue was that during upload, the app would crash. This happened mainly happened due to network instability or slow internet connections.

We have been struggling to make it work, we think this time it's fixed. Write us in the chat, if it's not the case. All feedback is welcomed!

UI upgrades

We made some improvements in the UI.

  • Transcript Editor now is mobile friendly
  • Now you can export Text (without Speakers)
  • Dedicated Export popup and no visual bugs.

  • Clearer Statistics view