18 days ago

Fixed Word Cutout in Beta

We’ve fixed the word-cutting issue in our beta! 🎉 

Some users experienced excessive cutting which led to losing words.

We’ve tracked and solved the root cause. If you still encounter this, please let us know ASAP.

Also, we encourage everyone to transition to the beta, as it will soon replace the main app. Thanks for your support! 🙌

a month ago

Video Syncing fixed

When editing long video files or when improving audio for video syncing, then audio would drift.

This is finally fixed! 

If you experience this ever again, please report to us! 

2 months ago

Multitrack Fixed

We had an issue where sometimes we would not edit a multitrack file, this is now fixed.


24 April 2024

Screencast and camera support  + Improved audio normalization

Here's our small update, for your huge relief 🤗

1. Screencast or record your video using camera💻: 

And instantly edit in minutes. 


You could only upload your pre-recorded files or record an audio. 


Record with your camera or screencast. Don’t be limited to uploading recorded files. 

Or maybe you can just check a new-launched feature this way.  

(Hmm, that’s a smart way to test our features!) 🧐

2. Better audio normalization(and effective) 🎶 

For studio-quality results 


- We found it shitty, like you. Not gonna lie.

- We overcompressed your audio. And made your soothing podcast even more crappy.


- We worked on our algorithm from scratch. 

- And no more buggy audio levelling. Only near-perfect sound.

Try these fixes yourself. And tell us, did you love it?

New feature
18 April 2024

Podcast Editing Statistics - Now track how much you have improved(or not) 📈

New feature update  

👉 We have added statistics and visualized charts for your podcast editing. 

Now track what was edited from your podcast and what you have improved so far. In a cleaner way. 

- Why should you use this feature?

A good podcaster stays consistent. But a better podcaster introspects and improves. 

- How to access this feature?

Step -1: Login to your Cleanvoice account. 

Step-2: Click on the "Statistics" tab beside your profile section. 

What's the best way to make use of this feature? 

Ask these questions. Visualize with answers.

1. What have I cleaned so far: 

- How many minutes of silence, filler words, stutters, breaths, and more

2. How many uploads: 

- Am I consistent with my podcast?

3. Average disfluencies per minute: 

- How many disruptions/minute do I make in my speech? 

- And have I improved it over time or not?

Bonus: You can even track the credits used. 

How did you like this feature? Try it and track your improvements now. 💙