New feature
a month ago

New Cleanvoice Beta: Try video editing and more features you asked for 👀

Hurray! Video Support is live in Beta. 🎉

Also, introducing more stable and new features in the latest update.

Check out how editing your podcast will be smoother with these improvements.

  1. 📹 Video Support (Experimental):

We heard your request and got hundreds of more messages. Finally, Cleanvoice now supports video podcasts. 

Now, edit your video podcast without going off-sync. While it's still in the initial phase, you can remove background noise or mute your edits.

P.S. More video podcast editing features are on the way.   

2. 🗂️ Batch Uploading: 

Got multiple files and editing them separately takes ages, right? Now, upload multiple files at once, treating them as distinct episodes.

Bonus: With our enhanced multitrack support, managing your audio projects will be more flexible. 

3.   Custom Templates:

Now, select your own configurations, create and save templates, and edit your way. 

Even if you want to remove only background noise and keep the breath sounds, or want to mute your edits, or need to remove all. You can do it all. 

Bonus: To help you with the basics, we have added some presets as well.

4.  🔟 Improved Background Noise Remover:

We have updated our algorithms so that you can remove background noise with 10% more efficiency

Even if you record from a windy street or have loudspeakers in the neighbourhood, get rid of them from your podcast.

5.   Merge Edits in Multitrack: 

Merge edits and normalize files across multiple tracks. Simplify your audio mixing process and save more time.

6. 📤 Multiple Audio Format Support: 

We've now enabled more audio formats. So, save your podcast file in the format you love.

7.  🚀 Revamped Audio Engine: 

Our audio engine has got a makeover from scratch. This means faster editing than ever before and a seamless experience of new features.

8. 📧⚙️Email Notification Settings: 

We hate spamming too, just like you do. Now, you can easily turn on or off email notifications from the settings page.  And choose not to get an update when your podcast is cleaned.

Hit the "Try New Beta" button and write to us whether you loved it or want us to improve. Your suggestions matter to us.

Stay tuned for more updates. Till then, keep easing up your podcast editing journey with Cleanvoice.

2 days ago

Filler Word Algorithm Update & Studio Sound Experimental

1. Enhanced Filler Word Removal: We've upgraded our filler word removal feature for increased precision. This means fewer false positives. 

Coming in a Month: A more advanced filler word system! (you know, so, etc) We're asking our users to share filler words in their native languages. Send us a message in the chat with your suggestions.

2. Studio Sound Feature: Introducing Studio Sound, an AI-powered feature designed to enhance your audio quality through AI equalization. If you're looking to improve poor audio quality, this feature is for you. However, if your audio quality is already good, note that the AI's equalization might not be to your liking and could potentially have a negative impact. Our AI works by analysing the pitch and structure of your voice to equalize it, aiming to give it a more professional, podcast-like sound.

We value your feedback and are excited to see how these updates enhance your experience with our product.

a month ago

Beta Fixes

  • Multitrack uploads were working inconsistently or not working at all. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue which would fail transcribing the audio.

Please continue reporting any issue with the BETA and we will fixed them as fast possible.

New feature
a month ago

🔐 Immediate File Deletion

🔐 Your Privacy, Enhanced! We've always taken your privacy seriously, keeping your data for a maximum of 7 days. But now, you've got more control!  

Instantly delete your files from our servers! Just visit the 'History' page, select your file, and click delete. It's quick and easy!  

6 months ago

Summarization Language Fixed

Similar to the previous glitch, we would sometimes summarize your podcast in the wrong language. (Example: Podcast in German, but summarized in English). Cleanvoice summarizes now in the same language as the audio file.


Next week, we will focus on our filler word algorithm.