New feature
10 April 2024

Automixer + Merge : No more speech overlaps

At a Glimpse: 

Check out this guided demo with before/after results:

Cleanvoice AutoMixer: Fix Mic Bleed Easily

1. Auto Mixer for your multitrack

So that all your speakers get heard - clearly. 

Love recording with multiple speakers but tired of catching each other's mic's voice? 

Hurray! We have built the "Auto Mixer" feature to:

- Reduce mic bleeding and speech overlapping from your file. 

The best part: We don't overdo edits. We only try to reduce the mic bleeding effect. 

We want you to sound raw and honest. 

When to use this feature?

- When you have multiple mics in the same set-up.   

- Which overlaps your speech. And turns your recording - unrecognizable. 

But what if I have more than 2 mics?

It's okay. You can have more than two mics (hence, guests too) on your table. 

We won't limit your podcasting.

How to use Automixer? 

(Step-by-step Guide)

Step-1: Hit the "Try Beta Version". 

Step-2: Upload your multitrack file. 

Step-3: Click on "Create custom templates". 

Step-4: In the "Enhance" section, select "Automixer".

Note: This feature is only available in Beta. Why don't you try it and see it yourself?

2. Merge your multitrack files

And sync them to be a single, uninterrupted episode 

Got multitrack files and want them to club into a single podcast? 

Do it only with a click. 

How to use the "Merge" feature? 

(Step-by-step Guide)

Step-1: Hit the "Try Beta Version". 

Step-2: Upload your multitrack file. 

Step-3: Click on "Create custom templates". 

Step-4: In the "Enhance" section, select "Merge".

Note: You can use this feature only in Beta. So, don't forget to click on "Try Beta" before uploading your file.

Tip (you shouldn't ignore): 

Want to have an awestruck result? Use Merge and Automixer together.

Did you like this update? 

Try these new features and share your thoughts. 

We are eagerly waiting. 

28 March 2024

Music Detector 2.0 + API Playground: Remove Noise, Not the Music

At a Glimpse: 👀

Or Check out this link for the full update. 👈

1. Detect music from your podcast and keep it intact.

In a Better Way.  


Our music detector was a bit chonky. 

Sometimes it removed music while removing unwanted noise. 

You hated it, and so did we. 😪


We spent our nights making it right from scratch. 

And hurray! We launched "Music Detector 2.0". 🎇

Results for You: 

No more auto-removal of music or weird-sounding podcast. 

Just music to your ears, minus the noise. 🎶

2. How to use the new "Music detector"?

(A step-by-step guide) 📑



Step-1: Hit on the "Try Beta Version". 

Step-2: Upload your file. 

Step-3: Click on "Create custom templates". 

Step-4: In the "Enhance" section, choose "Keep Music".

Tadaa... Go ahead, edit your fileand see the results yourself. 😎

P.S. This upgraded version is only available in Beta. Don't forget to choose "Try Beta Version".

3. New UI of Custom configuration

Easy to scroll and simple to choose 🚀


It was hard to figure out for you - "where is background noise remover?", or "why can't I find transcription feature"?


We have divided our custom settings into 3 parts: Edit, Enhance, Export 

How it's good for you?: 

You can easily distinguish features. 

- The UI is clearer. 

- And you get to know which feature is for editing and which one enhances your podcast audio/video. 

4. API Playground 

Play and Edit Your Way 👨‍💻🕹

Try API Playground here: https://app.cleanvoice.ai/playground 

Built for: All our API users

What's good there for you: 

- Experiment with settings with a few clicks. 

- Change the settings for the programming languages you love. 

- Choose which editing set-up works for you. And how it looks and feels. 

Did you like these updates? Comment your honest thoughts. 💙

3 months ago

More Bug Fixes + Improved Summary

  •  Fixed some bugs which some users are experiencing with the video mode.
  • We improved the summarisation & Social Media AI feature

Both updates are for the BETA only. 

New feature
16 March 2024

Major Video Podcast Update | Remove & Edit Fillers and Other Sounds from Video Podcast, Not Just Mute Them

  Finally! Now, you don't have to mute-only your edits for your video podcast. 

Want to remove umm's? Or need to cut out mouth sounds from your video file? 

Cleanvoice supports the removal of unwanted sounds while syncing your audio with the video. (In the Beta Phase).


   Click on this Link and Check Out the Full Details of the Video Podcast Update  -      

1. Wait! Cutting things short for you:   

- What's exciting about this update?

  • Cut, Edit: Cut, remove, and edit your video podcast file. No more sacrifices with "mute-only".
  • Video Edit Preview: Upon uploading and editing a video, you get a preview of the edits. So that you can visualize the changes before finalizing. 
  • Keep it organic: No over-editing of the video and killing the natural flow. We hate the robotic sound too, just like you. 

2. Also, in this update:  

Improved Audio Player: Enhanced the audio player to give you a smoother, less janky playback experience.

3. Currently ideal for  :

Video podcasters or other videos where users are recording in front of the camera

4. What's on the way for you?   

Option to customize video editing settings. Currently, you can only choose the readily available templates for video podcasts. 

Important: This feature is currently available in the Beta version. Try out our Beta version today for the latest update.

So, how did you like this update?   

3 months ago

Breath+Audio Player

Updates can be used in the new BETA from now on.

More Natural Breath Remover

Based on a lot of feedback, when using the breath remover (in BETA app), we don't complete mute them anymore, but reduce the volume by a significant amount. This makes the edit sound more natural. We will add soon option to set up, complete mute or volume reduction.

Better Edits Viewer

In the beta, when uploading single track, you can see a before and after of the edits. We improved the loading time for longer audio files.