9 months ago

Download on all Browsers

Depending on your browser (Ex. Firefox), pressing the download button would not always download the file, but rather just open a new tab with the audio player.

From now onwards this should not be an issue.

9 months ago

Fixed Breath Remover and Mute Audio for long files.

  • Cleanvoice would often crash when a lot of breaths were detected, this issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug which would randomly crash the transcriptions.

Coming soon
10 months ago

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We are bringing soon major improvements, new features and also video support. stay tuned.

a year ago

Breath Reducer Improvements

Breath Reducer has been significantly improved.

Distinguishes better between sighs and breathes out.

New feature
a year ago

Breath Reducer Say goodbye to heavy breaths in your recordings! 💨

Say goodbye to heavy breaths in your recordings! 💨

Check out our video explanation:


Cleanvoice Breath Silencer detects breaths in your speech and mutes them. This feature has a lot of advantages, such as keeping edits more natural. One common thing is that we would remove filler words between two breaths, making the edits unnatural. This feature should fix that.

We distinguish between different breathing patterns such as "sighs" and we're removing only those breaths meant for "breathing", since we don't want to remove breathing related to expressing emotions etc.

As always, you have to manually activate the feature. We also recommend using it together with the background noise remover.